My Design Challenges

Sketching with pencils is my favourite method of design.  I think this is my strongest skill. Using watercolour is not my strongest technique although I do enjoy it.  I am not very strong with photoshop and because of this is why I preferred to draw freehand. Advertisements

Rongrong DeVoe

  Rongrong DeVoe was born in Qingdao, China.  She originally worked as an artist in Shanghai until 2009 until she made the decision to move to NewYork to do a Masters in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  When she graduated, she worked as a fashion for three years at major fashion companies in Manhattan.  … More Rongrong DeVoe

Style Development

  Illustrations done by Adrian Valencia.  I used water colour and stabilo markers and a fine line pen for both illustrations. Illustrations done by Rongrong DeVoe.  First illustration I used water colour and fine line pen.  Second illustrations I done a tonal sketch with pencil and coloured the image with water colour.       … More Style Development

Photoshop skills

With this illustration, I tried to use more techniques in Photoshop to make it look more like the illustrators work.  I cleaned the image with the rubbing tool and fine paint brush tool again.  The illustration seemed to be more grey tones and seemed quite dull.  I used to paint brush to fade in some … More Photoshop skills


   The first set of drawings are the photos I scanned into photoshop.  As photoshop is not my strongest area, I tried to clean up around the images.  I used the rubbing tool to do this.  I also used the paint tool to do fine lines around the images for a more clear effect.

Adrian Valencia

Adrian Valencia is an Argentinian illustrator. He has worked as an illustrator from 2000. He graduated as a graphic designer and he is currently living in London.  Valencia works with the publishing, design, advertising and editorial industries.  His work is inspired by nature, fashion, architecture and daily life and enjoys illustrating.  He works for various … More Adrian Valencia