Rongrong DeVoe


Rongrong DeVoe was born in Qingdao, China.  She originally worked as an artist in Shanghai until 2009 until she made the decision to move to NewYork to do a Masters in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  When she graduated, she worked as a fashion for three years at major fashion companies in Manhattan.  She has moved to Texas and is following her dreams where she works as an illustrator in Houston.

Rongrong DeVoe is a specialized fashion illustrator based in Houston, TX, U.S.  DeVoe has a wide clientele which include Chanel, Dior, Neiman Marcus, Target and Maybelline, etc.  Her fashion illustrations have been displayed in the magazines Vogue, Instyle and Buzz Feed.  She works for all kinds of fashions, editorial and commercial illustrations and also live sketches at fashion parties/events.

London fashion week illustration by Houston fashion illustrator Rongrong DeVoeDior Fashion illustration by Fashion Illustrator Rongrong DeVoewatercolor fashion illustration by Rongrong DeVoe


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