Adrian Valencia

Adrian Valencia is an Argentinian illustrator. He has worked as an illustrator from 2000. He graduated as a graphic designer and he is currently living in London.  Valencia works with the publishing, design, advertising and editorial industries.  His work is inspired by nature, fashion, architecture and daily life and enjoys illustrating.  He works for various clients across America and Europe.  Valencia enjoys working for clients across America and Europe.  He has a wide clientele and illustrates for companies such as Nike, Links of London, Simon & Schuhster and Harpers Collins, etc.

Adrian Valencia Exhibitions-

Hair and Other Affairs. Solo Exhibition, April 2013. Sloupe Gallery. London

New Illustrators File. Vol 8, April 2010. Art Box Gallery. Tokyo

Eastwing Illustration Agency, September 2009. The Framer’s Gallery. London

Steady Gigs, April 2005. The Coningsby Gallery. London



adrain-valencia-6adrian-valencia-1 adrian-valencia-3adrian-valencia-2adrain-valencia-5




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