Agata Wierzbicka


“Agata Wierzbicka is a Warsaw based freelance interdisciplinary designer”

Wierzbicka receieved a M.S. in Furniture Design and also in Architecture in Brussels but concentrated her professional techniques on illustrations and small scale designs.  She practised her work in a lot of design and graphic studios/offices across Europe, in cities such as Amsterdam, Munich, Eskilstune (Sweden) and Warsaw.  Wierzbicka also took part in Art workshops in Paris, Dublin, Warsaw and Gsank.  She continues her career teaching drawing and design in the School of Drawing in Warsaw and has been teaching for many years.

Agata Wierzbicka enjoys observing people in certain situations which reflects throughout her work.  Digital drawings are her main technique but also enjoys using other techniques such as acrylic, oil and pencils.  She tends to experiment with mixing her techniques also.  Her illustrations are created by dynamic sketchy lines and pastel colors.

agata-wierzbiecka-1Simone Rocha_fashion illustrationLatem 4_sr





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